Purchasing Software


Free Software

Campus provides free Anti-virus software to everyone affiliated with the University.  If you install this package from their website, you will automatically receive free updates as long as you’re affiliated with the University.  If you have another virus scan software package be sure to uninstall that first!! – Virus protection software packages do not play well together.  Then, go to http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/virus/software.shtml to download. 

Faculty and Staff - Microsoft Office can be downloaded  at no cost, or, if you prefer to install from CD, you can purchase media for $10 per CD.  Alternately, the Helpdesk can install it for you at no cost in 3520 VMH.  Students - Are not eligible to download at this time, but may purchase it at the bookstore at a reduced cost.

Smith IT purchases software that is needed in classrooms and labs for Smith classes.  The software images on these computers are updated twice a year.  To request additional software during the next upgrade please fill out this form.

Purchasing Software

You may purchase software by going to the OIT Software Licensing Website at http://www.oit.umd.edu/slic or directly to the vendor. The OIT site will provide you with the negotiated UMD discount along with the proper procedure for obtaining software and media from them.  Any software not available from this site must be purchased by individuals or departments directly from the outside vendors. The Help Desk takes no responsibility for the resulting effects on the Smith School standard configuration, and cannot support these programs.

If you have a Smith spending account and wish to purchase using those funds, the Smith Office of Administration (the Business Office) can help you place the order.  Contact the person in charge of your account for help with ordering.

NOTE about reimbursement:  While you may purchase and install any non-standard, non-supported software that you wish on your PC, the Office of Administration advises that non-supported software will not be reimbursed nor can spending ceiling funds be used to purchase non-standard software.  Please contact the Business Manager in charge of your spending account directly if you have any questions about this policy.

Note about Operating Systems

 The Robert H. Smith IT Help Desk currently distributes and supports computers with the Windows XP Professional Operating Systems(OS).  Due to resource constraints, the Help Desk does not provide support for any other OS. It is not the intent of the Help Desk, the Dean's office, or Smith IT management, to restrain anyone from using other operating systems such as Windows Vista, Linux or a Mac OS. You may choose to use such operating systems, but do so with the knowledge that the Help Desk is not resourced to support these operating systems. All configuration issues and maintenance issues associated with operating systems other than Windows XP are the responsibility of the individual user.   There are some campus resources available for other operating systems. Please call the OIT Help Desk on 301-405-1500 for additional information. You may also visit the OIT self help site at www.helpdesk.umd.edu.

Wondering about Windows Vista?

You may be aware that Microsoft has released a new operating system named Vista. Vista is being promoted by Microsoft as offering many benefits in the way of improved security and compliance, optimized desktop infrastructure, finding and using information, and enabling the mobile workforce.

Vista is currently being tested against all of the PC hardware and software that the Smith School offers/supports. Due to a lack of support for Vista by third party software vendors (Novell among others), we do not currently have 100% compatibility between Vista and our environment. We will continue testing as hardware and software vendors release updates that move us toward that 100% compatibility. Until that time when we determine Vista is compatible with our environment, we will not support Vista on any PC.

The Office of Smith IT will keep you updated as we evaluate Vista and determine the optimal strategy in rolling Vista out to the community.

Vista upgrade advisor information can be found on Microsoft's website.

To see what OIT has to say about upgrading visit the OIT Help Desk page on Vista: Wondering about Windows Vista?