Pay-For-Print is managed by campus OIT and may be used in many campus buildings, including VMH.  It requires a Terrapin Express account.  If you do not have a Terrapin Express account, here are two ways you can open one:

  • Online - visit and click on Activate and follow the instructions on the site. Use your credit card to open a new account and add a minimum of $20.00 to your balance.
  • In Person - Bring your student ID and a minimum of $20.00 to:
                            Contract Office
                            Room 1109, South Campus Dining Hall

Once you have money on your Terrapin Express account you can print from any of the VMH open lab computers.

Using Pay4Print in VMH

When selecting a printer in VMH make sure to use one that says PRINTER_NAME(Pay For Print). You will see the following windows:

Pharos login

You may add money to your Terrapin Express account as needed through Testudo (

 For information about Pay for Print outside of Van Munching Hall, see OIT's Pay-for-Print pages.