The Office of Smith IT manages networked printers in every lab, office hallway and every office suite in Van Munching Hall. 

  • MBA and MS students receive 600 pages each semester that may be used in any lab and the Grad Lounge.  A new print system for grad students this Fall.  More info coming soon.
  • Faculty and Staff are assigned a printer according to their office location. They may also print to any of the VMH Network printers listed.
  • Students hired to work in an office are given rights to those networked office printers by request from the faculty or staff member.  The request may be emailed to by the faculty or staff member.

Campus Pay for Print system or WEPA may be used in our labs. Graduate Students have a quota of 600 pages/semesterWhen that quota is exceeded they must use WEPA or the campus Pay for Print system.

Whenever you use any shared printer, please remember to be considerate of your peers. 
  • Reserve large print jobs (50 pages or more) for less busy times. 

  • Discard your unwanted pages in the appropriate recycling containers.  

  • Print jobs not picked up may be picked up by mistake by others or cleared away at any time.

MBA Printing at VMH, DC, & Baltimore

Smith MBA students receive 600 single-sided black and white pages each semester that may be used via the WEPA (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) kiosks found around the school in labs and near the case rooms. When that quota is exceeded, you may refill your account using a credit card on the WEPA account.  Note that the accounting for pages provided by the school and paid for by you individually will be accounted for separately, so overage pages you pay for will be kept in reserve for whenever you need more than your provided 600 pages. WEPA printers have duplex capability that is provided at a discounted rate, and we encourage you to use this feature to save paper and get more out of your quota. Color is available as an option as well at a higher rate.

Please be considerate of your peers. Reserve large print jobs (50 pages or more) for less busy times. Discard your unwanted pages in the appropriate recycling containers.

Learn how to Print using WEPA

Undergrad Printing

WEPA kiosks are available several places in VMH.  They include high quality paper and an option for color copies.  In addition, OIT has provided a Pay-For-Print solution for undergrads to print to campus open lab printers. In VMH these printers are located in 1572 and 3515.  Please visit our Pay-for-Print page for more about using Pay-for-Print.