Getting Started - New Faculty at Smith

Welcome!  The following is some information to help get you started at the Smith School of Business. 

Before You Arrive
When You Arrive
Before You Leave

Set up Campus UMID username and password.  This is the login you will use to access our Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas, the Smith School Network (including Lab and Classroom computers), and other important campus systems.  This account will not be active until HR/Payroll activates your appointment, so please contact them if you are having problems. Lisa Fall is the contact for faculty - 

Instructors: Set up your Courses in Canvas (ELMS) -  Course sites are set up automatically as soon as the Registrar says IT can release them.  Canvas is fed from the data in SIS, so if Scheduling has listed you as Instructor of Record for a course, it will automatically appear. They are always released at the same time, many weeks before the semester start. You must have your campus Directory ID login (check with Human Resources about the availability of this UMID).  Log in at   If you have questions about a course listing, or anything else related to Canvas please email  We can sit with you to get started or point you to self help that's available.

Instructors MUST request any software needed in the Labs and Classrooms Even if you see the software you want on an existing list or image, it doesn't mean that it will be there the next semester.  If you need it, please request it using the form.  Software requests are typically requested before each semester, in January and in May.  If you are just joining us and have a need that falls outside of our typical request times, we will do our best to work with you and provide you with what you need.  The request form is available at - log in with your @rhsmith Smoogle ID.

Order your computer.  New Full-Time faculty members will receive a standard system from the Office of Smith IT.  If you require additional equipment, you can purchase this using your departmental or personal funds.  If you have any questions, please contact Roy Corona at or by phone at 240-464-1011.  If you require software other than what is on the standard image, please indicate this on the computer request form and we will work with you to determine a funding source for the software.

Review the New Faculty/Staff Orientation document.  

If you have not already done so, please check out the "Before You Arrive" tab for other steps for getting started.

Get your Smith account from your new supervisor. Your Smith account will be set up for you as soon as Payroll provides vital information to the Office of Smith IT. Once we have received that information it takes up to two business days for your new Smoogle email account to be created. The Office of Smith IT will contact your supervisor to let them know when this has been done. If you have started work and you do not have your email account, please check with your supervisor and then contact Payroll via to verify your status has been reported. Smith IT cannot create your accounts until we have received the appropriate information.  See this for help setting up your RHSmith email account after you receive it from your supervisor.

Sit with someone from Smith IT for a brief orientation.  Please email Theresa Ewing at to set up an appointment.  Orientations typically last about 20 minutes (or longer if you'd like!) and we will go over the systems used here at Smith and make sure you are able to access them.

Schedule an appointment with Classroom Support.  For a hands on introduction to the equipment in the classrooms and conference rooms, please contact the Helpdesk at or 301-405-2269.

Get to know your Departmental Technology Officer (DTO).  If you are interested in research computing or interested in using your department's lab, please contact your DTO to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

Check the equipment set up in your office.  If there are any questions or concerns about it, please contact Smith IT by coming to suite 3520 in Van Munching Hall during business hours, calling the HelpDesk at 301-405-2269, or emailing anytime. 

Request a Mobile Phone if desired.  More information can be found on our Mobile Phone information page.

When you leave the Smith School, your email account is active until the last day of employment so make sure to remove any important personal information as you will not have access to it after this date. Copy or move your messages to another email client BEFORE your accounts are removed.

When you leave, you will also need to schedule and exit interview with the HR office.  You will need to turn in the following items:

  • Office keys
  • ID Card
  • Parking Permit
  • Equipment purchased with any University Funds (Blackberry/Cell Phone/Laptop/etc.) - yes, this means equipment purchased with grants and overhead funds too.  Talk to your Business Office representative for clarification about State regulations about ownership of computer related equipment. 

You will also need to take care of any leave payback, loans, and leave settlements at this time.  If you have any questions regarding the exit interview, please contact Bobvita Salters at x59571 or

For questions regarding the disabling of your email account, please contact the Office of Smith IT at x52296 or at