IBM Lotus Team Workplace (QuickPlacefunctions.html) is a team project / collaboration tool that enhances [virtual] group communication via discussion boards, file sharing, meeting and general timing coordination, and the assignment of task ownership pegged to deliverable dates.  The tool serves to coordinate future team/individual actions and serves as a historical record of group accomplishments / challenges.
Key Features
Access & Setup

Key Features

  • Online discussion boards
  • Document sharing (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Task organization/Assignment of ownership
  • Group Calendar
  • Create your own secure web address for a group
  • Include members internal and external to the university
  • Historical archive of discussions, files, accomplishments and challenges.

Accessing and Setting up your Space

For help on accessing and setting up your collaboration space, please click on the appropriate link:

Click here to see tutorial videos on logging into Quickplace, adding content, members, files, responding to postings and other features.