International Travel
Mobile Security

Please contact your department head, chair or supervisor for approval before submitting the online form to "Request a New Blackberry". All products will be delivered to the Office of Smith IT. Our Blackberry technicians will activate and configure data synchronization to your Smith school email, calendar, and contacts accordingly. Please allow 3-5 business days to complete your request.

The Blackberry 8830 has been discontinued, please contact the helpdesk for a free upgrade to a Blackberry Tour, Curve 2 or Bold depending on availability. While Blackberry is still the standard we are currently investigating the pricing options for iPhone, Android, and other 4G phones. Stay tuned for more information.

Cost structure is as follows and is subject to change in accordance with roaming charges and other fees that may apply.

The voice plans covered under these devices are as follows:

**Please note that the Global Data\Voice plans are only available for the Blackberry Tour.**

  • Domestic Data Only for $34.99
  • Domestic Data and 300 Voice for $49.99
  • Domestic Data and 600 Voice for $62.99
  • Domestic Data and 1000 Voice for $74.99
  • Global SIM Card for - $0.00
  • Global Data Only Plan for - $50.99
  • Global Data and 300 Voice Plan for - $63.99
  • Global Data and 600 Voice Plan for - $76.99
  • Global Data and 1000 Voice Plan for - $88.99
  • VZ Access Modem Tethering $10 per month w/ an existing Data & Voice Plan $30 w/ an existing Data ONLY Plan
  • VZ Navigation GPS - $10 per month

For more information on voice plans and pricing, please contact Lee Comstock at 301-405-7134 or email

If you have a Verizon Blackberry with international capabilities that was provided to you by the Smith School and will be traveling outside of the continental United States, please remember that you will need to request a Global SIM Card and select a Global Data\Voice Plan.

Please complete the online Blackberry Add-on Features form. Use this form to request optional features such as VZ Modem Tethering and VZ Navigator (GPS).

It is also a good idea to verify the coverage area for your international destination  at the Verizon Wireless International Rates and Coverage: If you are not a frequent international traveler, it is suggested that you activate the global data\voice plans ONLY during the time you are traveling. Upon return from your destination, you should fill out the Blackberry Add-on Features form and switch back to your selected domestic data\voice plan.

Best practices suggest that you not store sensitive information in your corporate email however most people do at some time or another. Imagine accidently leaving your Blackberry unattended whereby someone is able to gain access to your email that may contain sensitive data! Avoid this potential risk and activate a password for your Blackberry today! Visit our Mobile Security page to find out more.

If you have lost your phone and need it locked to protect your data please email CCing Jesse Veihmeyer and Roy Corona. Please do not contact Verizon if you lose your phone, rather contact the helpdesk and we will take care of the situation. If you contact Verizon first we will be unable to lock down your device, Verizon can only ensure that the phone is not used on the Verizon network, we can completely lock down the device from being accessed.