Video Conferencing Procedures

Smith faculty or staff must follow the procedures below to utilize Smith School videoconferencing resources:

  1. Contact the Office of Smith Operations to schedule a room for the videoconferencing session;

  2. Complete the videoconferencing technical information in the Video Conference Request form which includes the technical name and contact of the remote meeting site;

  3. Within at least one (1) week's advanced notice, contact and schedule with the Office of Smith IT at or 301-405-2269 your conference and your needs.

  4. Provide FRS billing account information to Smith IT to cover the costs of the videoconferencing session if any should arise.

Video Conferencing Policies

Request for Services:  For point-to-point ISDN videoconferencing, the Office of Smith IT requires at least one business week advanced notice that any faculty or staff member would like to utilize the Smith School's videoconferencing services.

Room reservations:  Smith Faculty or Staff requiring use of videoconferencing services must contact Smith Operations to schedule the use of a room before requesting services from Smith IT. 
All new wing classrooms and conference rooms are "videoconferencing ready."

Fees: Smith Faculty or sponsoring department must provide the Office of Smith IT with a FRS number to cover any telecommunications costs and fees associated with utilizing the Office of Smith IT's videoconferencing services. 
For point-to-point videoconferencing calls, approximate costs are $120.00 per hour.