Audio-Visual Services - Special Events

Smith IT Rates and Services for SPECIAL Events

Supported Functions

The typical functions that Smith IT Staff are able to support are lectures, visual presentations, conferences and general meetings. Some important things to be aware of:

  • Any group using the Audio Visual equipment in the facility must make prior arrangements with Audio Visual Services for instructions and training on the utilizing of the equipment.
  • Any Non-Smith School group planning on using the technology available in the spaces in Van Munching must first have approval by the management of Smith IT.

Requesting Support for Special Events

Any support needed outside of regular business hours, or that create greater demands than usual on our support team during normal business hours will be subject to a fee to be set by Audio Visual Services Management, according to the chart below. 

  • Before requesting AV support for an event, please have a room scheduled.  To schedule a classroom or conference room please contact Smith Operations at 301-405-2189.
    •  and remember to include time for set-up in your reservation
  • The type of support required will be determined by Smith IT Management.
  • On Saturdays or Sundays the minimum charge is a half-day.
  • Any time beyond eight hours will be charged at double the hourly rate.
Smith IT Rates      
Type of Support Hourly* Half day (4 hrs) Full day (8 hrs)
Student Technician $30 $120 $240
Full time Technician $50 $200 $400
Manager $75 $300 $600
Audio Visual Equipment Use Rates 1/2 Day Full Day Per Hour
Microphone (wireless) $75 $125  
Microphone (wired) $10 $15  
Audio Mixer $50 $75  
Portable PA $75 $100  
ATC $75 $125  
VTC $125 $225  
Video Projector $150 $250  
Video Recording via Room Camera (DVD or VHS)
*Customer must provide media
Power Point Remote $30 $50  
Laptop/ Room PC $75 $125  

To request AV services, please fill out the Audio Visual Request, and Smith IT will contact you to verify your request.

We currently accept as payment options, FRS accounts and checks.

Please note that the type of support, hours required, and availability will be determined by Smith IT Staff. Support is not guaranteed until you have received a confirmation and have agreed to the cost estimate.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Smith IT by sending an email to the Smith IT Helpdesk at, or by calling 301-405-2269.