Accounts Quotas & Guidelines

Below is a quota chart for all Smith accounts.  Appeals for increase quota may be made by using the request form.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis by the IT Director.  On each appeal, you give Smith IT the right to review the content of your accounts with you, based on the University of Maryland Policy on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology, we may provide suggestions for ways to use disk more efficiently.

Quota Chart

Type of User Email Storage FIle Storage Printing
Faculty/Staff/PhDs 1 GB 5GB Unlimited
Full-Time MBA Students 1 GB 5GB 600 pages/semester
Part-Time MBA Students None1 5GB 600 pages/semester

1 - Part-time MBA students are giving an "email for life" Smith forwarding address, but can request a full Smith MBA-type email account by filling out a New Account Request form.


Email Guidelines

When your mailfile is too close to the quota, you must reduce it's size.  Large mailfiles are in danger of being corrupted.  Here are a few things you can do to maintain your mailbox within your quota:

  • Delete everything in your mailbox Trash folder
  • Delete or archive your Sent folder
  • Delete most or all attachments


File Storage Guidelines

K Drives (Personal Space) are set to 5GB’s of storage and O Drives (Departmental Space) are set to 100GB’s of Storage. These locations are backed up by Campus TSM every night and carry 30 revisions of the data. Please save anything that you work on that is important to the Business School on one of these two locations.


  • There will be no storage of media files (for example, MP3s or other audio files, AVI or other video files) on the server unless they are related to teaching or learning.
  • Files that are stored in multiple users' directories (for example, departmental work projects or databases) should be stored in a single shared directory, if possible. 
  • Please submit the Additional File Storage Space request form to get assistance with your file quota or creating and working with shared directories.


Print Quotas

At the beginning of every semester, Full-time MBA students are given a print quota of 600 pages*. If and when this quota is reached, the student is responsible for getting a Pay for Print account. This account is created through the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and is not supported by the Office of Smith IT Help Desk. For more information regarding Pay for Print accounts, visit our Pay for Print page or contact the OIT Help Desk at 301-405-1400.

MBA students with GA positions or other employment at the Business School may be able to get their quota increased by having their supervisor contact to request additional pages. This request must come from a faculty or staff member and should mention how many pages might be needed for your work in that position.

How can you track the pages you've used?

To monitor your print quota balance, log into a lab pc and hold your mouse over the dollar sign in the bottom right taskbar. It will report your available balance. If you need credit for pages lost due to printer malfunctions, just bring the bad pages to the Helpdesk in suite 3520 of VMH and credit will be applied to your balance.