Changing Your Passwords 

Most of the systems you need to access at UMCP have been migrated to use your Directory login, and more are being migrated all the time.  Recently, every  Business School Department was moved away from Novell for file storage onto an Active Directory file server and one step closer to a single sign-on! 

Here are instructions for changing the passwords you need to know at RHSmith.

University Directory ID/Active Directory

This is the same login you use to access Testudo, Blackboard, timesheets, etc.  To change this password go to and follow the instructions there.  For more information visit  If you are having problems changing your password you will need to contact Campus OIT at 301.405.1500 (faculty/staff) or 301.405.1400 (students). 

Note: This system is maintained by campus and NOT by Smith IT so we will not be able to help you with setting this password.


The Smith account password reset tool can be found anytime at  OR

Whenever you go to or (the webmail login page for staff/faculty and students respectively) you'll see a link for the Smith Password Reset Tool.

Login using your Campus University Directory credentials

You can then set a new password for your Smith login:

You will then get a confirmation page that your password reset/change has been successfully submitted.


Please contact the Office of Smith IT if you have any trouble setting your Notes/iNotes password.