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OIT Helpdesk, (CSS 1400)


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  • Smith email via Lotus Notes Client

Smith IT Helpdesk (VMH 3520)

**For questions or problems with file storage accounts, contact the Smith IT Help Desk.

Each person connected with the University of Maryland in any way is listed in the University Directory without having to apply for an "account" in the usual sense.  Anyone listed in the directory can set up a new username and password at the campus Division of IT's website.  HR will send you instructions for setting up this login as soon as they complete your entry into the Directory.  Your University Directory ID will be used for most campus systems.

Important Information! Please review the UM Directory Password Information and the Password Policy for R.H. Smith and UM Directory accounts. These password policies apply to all accounts at UMD.

To look up your University Directory ID or for help with University Directory ID password, please visit

Google Postini Service is a SPAM filtering service that is provided with your Smith email account.   If you have a Smith email account, your Postini account has already been set up for you with default settings to begin filtering spam and viruses. An email with your login information for Postini should be in your inbox of your RHSmith email account upon arrival.  You do not need to do anything to begin using this service.  Once it begins filtering, you will receive a quarantine message weekly.  You can check anytime to see that it hasn't caught any mail that wasn't really SPAM.  Postini is a flexible product that puts the user in control of spam and viruses.