New Ways of Accessing SmithApps

You can now access the online SmithApps and your files from your Mac without using the web

Frequent users of SmithApps may find it more convenient to access our Citrix system directly from their Mac without having to go through the web. Here's how.

First, go to the Mac App Store and download the Citrix Receiver client. The Mac App Store is only available on Macs running Snow Leopard (MacOS 10.6) and Lion (MacOS 10.7).  Even though the software is available there for free, you will still need an account for the Mac App Store to download the software.

When it is installed, tap to launch and then pick "Log On Now" under Get Started.

After you hit the button you are prompted to put in your Store URL. This should be

Next, put in your login information. It is VERY IMPORTANT you put the ad\ in before your University Directory username.

  • Domain: ad\(your University Directory username, without the < >'s)
  • Password: your University Directory password

Once entered, you will connect to Smith Apps. Double click an application to add it to your Home list of applications. The Home list acts like a list of your favorite applications so they're easier to find.

Once in your Home, you can double-click an application to launch it.

Once an application is added to Home, the Citrix Receiver tricks your computer into believing the application is actually installed locally on the computer. So, for example, a user could add Visio to their Home and would then be able to just double-click a .VSD Visio document and have it opened directly from their machine. This is especially impressive considering Visio isn't even available for the Mac.

You can tell this is working by checking that Visio documents now have the appropriate icon in the Finder.

When you double-click you will get a warning about this being a newly installed application. You should hit "Open" here.

And then you'll be asked for your University Directory credentials to launch the application and open the document.

Note that for system security reasons we do not allow saving the passwords to the keychain. Even if you check the box you will still need to reenter the password on next launch.

More information about using the Citrix Receiver for Mac can be found here.