Lotus Sametime

Imagine that you are talking to a colleague or classmate who is halfway across the world.  You are talking without using a telephone and you can see each other as though you were in the same room.  Now imagine that your colleague or classmate opens a document that you are both working on, and you can see it and make changes to it, without a fax machine, and without an email.  You can stop imagining.

With IBM Lotus Sametime, you can meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  You can collaborate with your coworkers in many ways, including: 

  • Sending chat messages and transferring files to your coworkers in real time
  • Communication with computer audio and video
  • Editing shared files and saving your changes
  • Sending web pages and poll questions to meeting participants
  • Recording your meeting so that other people can view it later


Lotus Sametime provides several core capabilities.  Some of the core functionality includes: 

  • Chat Room You can engage in chat sessions with multiple participants
  • Live Video and Audio Participants have the ability tointeractively communicate with others in the Sametime meeting room
  • Share Programs: The meeting moderator can share his or her presentation via the share program's feature.  For example, the moderator can deliver PowerPoint presentations using this capability;
  • Share Entire Screen -- Participants can view the moderator's desktop and follow along the moderator's screen


Access Lotus Sametime

To access Lotus Sametime:

  • 1. Visit the Lotus Sametime Homepage at http://sametime.rhsmith.umd.edu/ directly, use your web-based iNotes username and internet password to login;
  • 2. Login to the MyUM Portal, go to the MySmith  tab, and select Sametime in the Smith Lotus Apps Portlet.

Create a Meeting

Attend a Meeting

Lotus Sametime chat

Lotus Sametime Chat enables you to chat with multiple participants.  The names and status of the people viewing the same discussion are listed in the Participant list at the bottom right of the window.  If the person is online, the author's name is displayed in bold green.  For more information visit the Lotus Sametime Chat page.