RHSmith email accounts on our Smoogle platform are created for faculty and staff only after Payroll has confirmed your status and provided Smith IT with vital information to enable these services. We cannot create accounts for anyone except upon receipt of this information, so please contact Payroll if you have not received your account when you arrive at the Robert H Smith School of Business via The email account is active until the last day of employment so make sure to copy or remove any important personal information as you will not have access to it after this date. Copy your personal messages to another email client BEFORE your accounts are removed.

PhD Students:

RHSmith email accounts on our Smoogle platform are automatically created for all PhD students using the information provided by the PhD Office. Please note that your Smith account is kept active for 6 months after graduation after which it is de-activated so please ensure you copy any personal information that you wish to keep.

MBA and MS Students:

All Graduate MBA and MS students will receive an email account on our Smoogle platform that was introduced in the Summer of 2012. These Smoogle accounts are created automatically--you do not need to do anything to request one. Visit to learn more.
For more information on using your Smoogle account such as checking your email, using other email clients or setting up a smartphone or tablet, please visit the Smoogle Learning Center.