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RHSmith email accounts on our Smoogle platform are created for faculty and staff only after Payroll has confirmed your status and provided Smith IT with vital information to enable these services. We cannot create accounts for anyone except upon receipt of this information, so please contact Payroll if you have not received your account when you arrive at the Robert H Smith School of Business via The email account is active until the last day of employment so make sure to copy or remove any important personal information as you will not have access to it after this date. Copy your personal messages to another email client BEFORE your accounts are removed.

MBA and MS Students:
All Graduate MBA and MS students will receive an email account on our Smoogle platform that was introduced in the Summer of 2012. These Smoogle accounts are created automatically--you do not need to do anything to request one. Visit to learn more.

Undergraduate Students:
Undergraduate students do not receive an email account unless they hold a student worker position at Smith.

Everyone with a Smith school email account on Smoogle can access it from You can also find instructions on configuring your Smartphone or email client to work with your Smoogle account.

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The Smith School provides Mobile Phones to faculty and staff at the request of the supervisor and/or department. Each department pays for purchasing the device and services. Please review our Mobile Phone page to learn more about acquiring and using your Mobile Phone at the Smith School..

SmithApps is a Citrix XenApp tool that allows Smith students, faculty, and staff to access applications and files that are normally only available in Van Munching Hall computer labs. These applications are delivered to any computer with Internet access that has the Citrix client installed.

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Imagine that you are talking to a colleague or classmate who is halfway across the world.  You are talking without using a telephone and you can see each other as though you were in the same room.  Now imagine that your colleague or classmate opens a document that you are both working on, and you can see it and make changes to it, without a fax machine, and without an email.  You can stop imagining.

With IBM Lotus Sametime, you can meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  You can collaborate with your coworkers in many ways, including: 

  • Sending chat messages and transferring files to your coworkers in real time
  • Communication with computer audio and video
  • Editing shared files and saving your changes
  • Sending web pages and poll questions to meeting participants
  • Recording your meeting so that other people can view it later

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