Computer classrooms, 1311 and 2203 have software that allows the Instructor to control student computers.  SMART Sync will allow you to block the Internet, poll the class, broadcast the Instructor's screen to the student computers, or project a student's computer to the class.
  • First, open SMART Sync from the icon on the desktops.
  • Fill in a Teacher ID (any name you choose).
    • IDs will not save from day to day because of the security on our Instructor computers, so you can just give it any session name you like.
  • Choose the classroom you're in.  All the computers in this room are already connected to every session in this room.  You will see them as thumbnails.  There is nothing to set up.
In the VMH Installation, the students will automatically be connected to your session AS LONG AS you open the software first.  If they are already using a computer before you open the software, they may have to click "Connect" when the pop up appears

See the SMART Sync manual for more info