Lecture Capture with Panopto Focus

Sharing Recordings

Sharing your recordings with viewers not on your course roster
You may also add viewers who have a Directory ID (Bb login name) to the viewer list with the instructions in this document. 

If you want someone without a Directory ID to see your recording, you may add them with any email address.  Panopto will send that address an email with a password.  Then it will send a second email with a link to the recording.  When they click the recording link the first time, it will ask them to change the password sent in the first email.  When they wish to view the recording these viewers will use the Panopto login, this email address and the new password they just created. 

Alternately, you can use the "share" tab in this tool to remove all access restrictions and send the URL to anyone - even people not in the list of viewers.  NOTE: Everyone who logs into umd's Panopto server will see this recording in their list of available recordings so please consider this carefully before you choose it. 

Sharing a recording with students in another class

If you have a recording in one course folder on capture.umd.edu and you want to move it to a different course folder you can do that quickly.

Get into the Panopto folder management tool from the "Manage My Recordings" link on the Panopto recorder under the "Recording Status" tab OR by logging into capture.umd.edu

Then go into the settings for that video (the icon that looks like a wheel in the column next to the name of the video) Settings

Click the edit button next to the name of the folder and change it to the folder you prefer:

If you want the recording to be accessible in both courses, you can create a copy first and then move just one of them. You'll find the "copy session" button from the "Manage" tab:

Another option for sharing - From the share tab, you'll see an email feature. This emails the URL to individual users if you just add their email addresses (any email address - doesn't have to be @umd.edu). When you add someone to this user list, they receive two emails - first a Panopto login to view your video - navigation and video included - and then a link to your recording. These users don't use a directory ID to log in, but use the Panopto login form with the account they're emailed.

Sharing the recording with anyone who has the URL
(making it Public)

You can make a recording public so that anyone you send the URL to can open the recording. 

To capture the URL, open the Overview tab and copy the "Viewer link"

Save the recording as an mp4

You can get to your recordings from the Panopto management tool. Two ways to get to the management tool:

  1. from Blackboard >Course Tools>Panopto Focus Content > Panopto Course Settings (under "Links")
  2. or from Panopto if you've installed it (see the "Manage Panopto Access" doc - page 2)

If you want an mp4, open the management tool. From the list of all your recordings, check the box to the left of the recording name and a "Download" button becomes clickable. Click that to save to a zip file. Share the zip file any way you like.

The Outputs tab will allow you to save a single mp4 file that you can publish as well. Explore the Panopto Support site for more about this or email us at canvas@rhsmith.umd.edu and schedule a time for a short demo of this feature.