Lecture Capture with Panopto Focus

Step 1- Set up your Panopto login

YOU MUST DO THIS FIRST - once for each course you want to record.  This step creates a folder on the Panopto server and provides viewer permissions to everyone in this one Blackboard course  Also, you can't log into the Panopto server without completing this step first.
NOTE: ONLY Instructors or TAs of a Blackboard course can perform this step Once they do, they are the owner (or "creator") of that folder and must then tell Panopto to allow others (like co-instructors or support staff) to be "Creators" of captures too.  Panopto does not automatically apply creator access to anyone except the one who performs this step. 

Printable step by step instructions on how to link your Blackboard course to the Panopto server

Step 2- Download Panopto onto your computer

Classroom computers already have this installed, but if you want to record from a laptop or your desktop, Download and install the latest recorder for Windows or Mac from capture.umd.edu.  Log in with your ELMs login and click the record button to get to the download page.  Installation is quick Be sure to choose that ELMs login if you are ever given a choice of ways to log in.

Panopto software is installed on classroom computers already.  If you want to record from your personal computers, all you need is a webcam or mic, this software and the Panopto folder you created in Step 1.  

You may also download from Course Tools > Panopto Focus Content (the same place you created the folder in Step 1):

The Helpdesk can install this for you if you like.  Email helpme@rhsmith.umd.edu for an appt. to install it. (Technicians NOTE: download latest version directly from the UMD Panopto server - not from any Smith server please - http://capture.umd.edu)  Remember to log in with your ELMs login!

Step 3: Recording with Panopto

Note: You can use Panopto in any classroom as well as from your home or office computer.  If you are not in a classroom with a camera, you will need to use a webcam, or a mic provided by the AV team (please use the AV Request Form to contact them).

Be sure to inform your students that you are recording.  The cameras will only capture the podium, but the room mic might pick up their voices if they ask questions.  

To record after you've created your Panopto course folder (Step 1):

Tip - It's best if you open all applications you plan to show in class before you begin.
  1. Open Panopto and log in with your Directory ID (the same one you use to log into Blackboard)
  2. From the drop down arrow to the right of the record button, choose the course where the recording will be viewed.  This step ensures that the recording uploads automatically as soon as you stop the recording.  Otherwise, it will be stored Offline and you must choose to have it uploaded in another step at the end of the lecture.  
  3. Give the lecture a name - default is date and time, but you'll appreciate a descriptive name later - especially if you end up with more than one recording in your folder.  Keep the date and time stamp too, but add something descriptive.
  4. Check the capture sources.  Room cameras have pre-sets.  If you need help with camera settings in a classroom, please arrange for AV support in advance using the same AV Request form you use for your other classroom support requests. 
  5. Click the RECORD button when you're ready. You may PAUSE whenever you want and then restart the recording.
  6. Click STOP to end your recording. UPLOAD to the Panopto server right away.  If you pre-selected the folder name (#2) then this will happen automatically.  The upload will take a few minutes and will occur in the background while other computer apps may be running.  You can log off the room computer after the upload has begun, but DO NOT POWER DOWN THE COMPUTER!

To record using a personal laptop or desktop computer (after you've set up your Panopto connection in Blackboard):

  • Install the Panopto software on your laptop.
  • Connect a mic and/or camera. You may use a USB mic or webcam. There is no way to route the classroom mics thru your laptop to capture room audio sources, but the AV team has a USB mic which will work for Panopto.  Fill out the AV request form in advance if you want to use this in class.
  • Record and pause and stop just as you do in the classroom.  The only difference is you can upload whenever you're ready - your computer will not delete the recording the way the classroom pc will.
  • It will automatically begin to upload your recording to the server if you pre-selected your folder before recording.  This will take a few minutes for every recording - longer for longer recordings.  DO NOT SHUT THE MACHINE OFF during upload - or disconnect from the network.  You may close Panopto software, but must not shut down the PC.  If you wish, you can upload later when you have the time.
Step 4: Create a link to the recording in your Bb course
Add the Panopto link just as you add other items to Blackboard.
  1. Choose the content area to which you wish to add the video, or make a new menu item for them.  (see "Bb Basics" for how to do either of these if you don't already know how)
  2. Click "Edit view" in the top right corner of your content area
  3. Choose Panopto Video Link from the drop down and click "Go".  

4.  And pick which lecture capture you want to post in your course.

There are short "How To" videos on this Panopto web site: http://panoptosupport.com/howtovideos