Lecture Capture with Panopto Focus

Managing Access to your Panopto Recordings

When an instructor sets up a Panopto folder in Blackboard, by default, he or she is the only one who has access to manage that folder.  The instructor will need to manually add TAs that need access.  If a TA creates the folder, the instructor will automatically have access, but no other TAs will.  You can manage this manually with the instructions below. 

Managing Panopto Access.docx (232.055 Kb)

Who can create and publish your class Panopto recordings?

By default, only the person who performs Step 1 - setting up the Panopto folder for a course - will be considered to be a "creator" in Panopto.  All others are "viewers" and cannot record - even other Instructors and TAs. While Panopto recognizes the Directory ID of everyone in your course, it does not recognize Blackboard roles.  If you need others to be able to create a recording in a folder you've set up, you must add them as a "creator" This document shows you how to do that.

Sharing your recordings with viewers not on your course roster

You may also add viewers who have a Directory ID (Bb login name) to the viewer list with the instructions in this document. 

If you want someone without a Directory ID to see your recording, you may add them with any email address.  Panopto will send that address an email with a password.  Then it will send a second email with a link to the recording.  When they click the recording link the first time, it will ask them to change the password sent in the first email.  When they wish to view the recording these viewers will use the Panopto login, this email address and the new password they just created. 

You can make it Public and just share the URL with anyone - no login will be required.  Do this from the "share" tab in the management tool. NOTE: In addition to anyone you send the URL to, everyone who logs into UMD's Panopto server (all creators of recordings) will be able to see this recording in their list of available recordings so please consider this carefully before you choose it. 

Sharing a recording with another class

If you have a recording in one course folder on capture.umd.edu and you want to move it to a different course folder you can do that quickly.   NOTE: you must have a Panopto folder for EVERY COURSE whose roster of students will need to view your Panopto recording unless you decide to make the recording public.  Creating a Panopto folder for your course was Step 1 in the Step by Step Instructions for using Panopto. 

Go into the Panopto folder management tool by logging into capture.umd.edu OR from the "Manage My Recordings" link on the Panopto recorder under the "Recording Status" tab

Then go into the settings for that video (the icon is in the column to the right of the name of the video) Settings

Click the edit button next to the name of the folder and change it to the folder you prefer:

If you want the recording to be accessible in both courses - the original course and an additional course, you can create a copy first and then move just one of them. You'll find the "copy session" button further down the same page.