Some classes will be using LinkedIn Groups for collaboration within the course for the duration of the semester.  These groups will make collaborating with classmates easy and private.  It's a good way to build community and make connections that you might want to continue after the course is completed.  Only members of your class will be invited to join a course group, so only members of your class will have access to these discussions and links to other classmate profiles. 

For Instructors - setting up your course group

INSTRUCTORS:  Please read the Policy for using LinkedIn before getting started.  There is suggested wording for your syllabus in this document.  Remember, students should always have the right to opt out of disclosing their information to classmates, so participation in these groups should not be required for a grade.

To create a LinkedIn account, go to, click on the "Join Now" button, and follow the steps to create an account.  For more detailed information, view Creating a LinkedIn Account.

Please see the Creating and Managing Groups document for information on getting started with Groups in LinkedIn.

For Students and other group participants

If your Instructor has established a group, the invitation will be posted on the Blackboard course site.  You can use the instructions above for creating an account if you don't already have one. 

IMPORTANT:  Please look at security settings carefully to be sure you don't publish anything you don't want the world to see.  Pay careful attention to your Public Profile the profile that will be shown to users not signed-in to LinkedIn that are searching for you via search engines like Google.   Click Edit Public Profile settings to control which parts your profile will be visible to search engine users. You can make your profile completely private or customize the display of individual elements.

Remember to respect the privacy of your peers by not sharing their profile information with others.

The groups should be disbanded shortly after the semester ends, but individuals can retain contacts made in these groups by inviting and accepting invitations of your classmates.

To learn more about using LinkedIn, visit