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Work Experience Abroad

  • Working abroad is very different from simply studying abroad. It is more challenging, you are left to your own devices more frequently, you have less time to adjust and absorb your experience, and are more likely to have conflicts that arise as you depend on others for deliverables and they depend on you.
  • You will almost certainly have developed more hard skills in your work experience abroad than a study abroad experience. Be sure you can articulate what those are and tie them to your time abroad if need be.
  • Why did you choose to add this to your career path? Employers may be wary about why you went abroad if they do not have a sense of the value. Be sure you can make a story of your career plan, and in a sentence articulate what value you hoped it would bring (and that it did).
  • Did you contribute to a diverse team? Is there much diversity or a diversity initiative at this employer?
  • Employers want to know how you solve problems. In some ways, your entire semester abroad was a problem/challenge. Think it through and discuss until you distill a good story.
  • A common question is “tell me about your most challenging situation and how you handled it”. Your time abroad should be able to answer that effectively. Think about the real challenges you faced – new bureaucracies, new rules, putting yourself out in a group of strangers at gatherings/in class and forcing yourself to be comfortable.
  • Did you know you would only be abroad a short time? If so, you had to plan your time very carefully – think about how this might illuminate your time management skills.
  • What professional contacts did you develop? How did you make them? What do they offer you and your potential employer?
  • How do you understand the global aspects of the industry now?