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Supply Chain Management Fellows

CSX Visit
CSX Visit

The Supply Chain Management Fellows Program offers students a unique opportunity for learning both within the Smith School and with external Supply Chain professionals. As part of a top-ranked program, students have the opportunity to take core classes together, participate as leaders in the Supply Chain Society, visit regional facilities and operations, sign up for a class that explores international or North American processes, and network at local and annual meetings of leading industry professional organizations. By combining classroom learning with networking opportunities in the professional community, Supply Chain Fellows can take advantage of a unique opportunity to build knowledge of the profession and create a foundation for a networked career.

Dr. Tom Corsi is the Faculty Champion for this program.

Curriculum - One-year program

  • BMGT471F (Formerly BMGT 488L; Executive Seminar in Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management I)  - Fall
  • BMGT499C (Executive Seminar in Logistics) OR Participation in a semester-long co-op* - Spring

Pre-requisites: Applicants should enroll in BMGT370 and BMGT372 junior year; rising juniors and transfer students may be considered if they have taken both BMGT370 and BMGT372  or will complete both courses by the end of their fall semester junior year.

*Students who apply for and are selected to participate in a co-op during their spring semester must submit a copy of their position description to Emily Doane Heavin (edoane@rhsmith.umd.edu) in order to be credited with completing Supply Chain Fellows.

Co-curricular activities/events

Activities of Fellows include (all activities are fully funded and require no expenditures on the student’s part):

  • Supply Chain fellows network with transportation, logistics, and supply chain management executives who lead class sessions in both BMGT471 and in BMGT499C.
  • Required trip to the annual Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) conference in fall.  The Intermodal Expo is held either in Long Beach, CA;  Houston, TX; or Ft. Lauderdale, FL each September. The Intermodal Expo is a showcase for all leading third party logistics providers, transportation carriers, and vendors supplying technology and equipment to the various service providers. The Expo provides students with an opportunity to see demonstrations in the latest software applications and technology that support efficiency improvements in intermodal transportation as well as meeting industry leaders of the Intermodal Association of North America.  Attendance at the Expo is woven into the syllabus for BMGT471 as students fulfill course requirements through assigned activities at the Expo.  Students unable to participate in this trip will complete alternative assignments as part of their BMGT471 course requirements.
  • A minimum of one plant visit in each semester.  Previous plant visits include Amtrak, UPS, Unilever, Target, UPS, CSX, Port of Baltimore, McCormick, Amazon and more.

Fellows Application Eligibility

  • Supply Chain majors. (May apply if in the process of applying to Smith as a transfer student.)
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Rising seniors; rising juniors may apply if BMGT370 and BMGT372 have been completed by end of fall semester junior year. Active participation in the Supply Chain Management Society is a plus in applying to the program.


Applications for Supply Chain Management Fellows for the 2015-2016 academic year are now closed. Fellows admission decisions will be sent out by February 27.

Questions? Contact Emily Doane Heavin at edoane@rhsmith.umd.edu.