Sport Management Fellows

Smith alum Tyrone Brooks, Director of Player Personnel, gives tips on getting into the sports management business

The Sport Management Fellows program focuses on the worldwide enterprise of sport and the prominence of organized sports at every level in collegiate and professional sports environments, together with the significance of auxiliary industries in sports apparel and equipment, television contracts and other ancillary products and services. The curriculum includes an optional internship in conjunction with the BMGT 485 Project Management course, providing students an opportunity to focus on the particular issues in the sports industry. The program also prepares them for various roles in sport management in both the collegiate and professional sport environments and private sector enterprises.

The faculty champion for this program is Gideon Mark.

Curriculum - two-semester program

  • BMGT 488A (Introduction to Sport Management)  - Required - Dedicated Fellows Section - Fall 
  • BMGT 450F (Integrated Marketing Communications) - Required - Dedicated Fellows Section - Spring 
  • NOTE: Sport Management Fellows is a 2-semester sequential program with a dedicated Fellows section each semester. In order to make it possible to study abroad during the program, students would be allowed to enroll in any open section of BMGT450 upon return. This would make it possible for students to complete the program, but students who wish to study abroad will miss out on the special co-curricular activities. Ideally, these courses should be taken with the cohort.

Fellows Application Eligibility

  • BMGT Major (May apply if you are applying to Smith for 2014-2015.)
  • Rising Junior or Senior
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA preferred

Application Process

The priority application deadline for Sport Management Fellows was February 10. There are a few remaining spots intended for transfer students. Applications are due at 11:59pm on May 4.

Access the application here. Note: You cannot save and go back to your application, so have your resume and cover letter explaining your interest in Sport Management Fellows ready to upload.

Questions? Contact Emily Doane (