Smith Technology Fellows

Smith Technology Fellows perform a variety of duties, which may include serving as teaching assistants with technology-intensive classes or as research assistants, executing targeted technology development projects for use in instruction or research, assisting faculty and others with targeted projects involving software such as Oracle or .NET. Some project assignments will require experience using specific software platforms and will provide technical support for courses, assist faculty with tutorials and demonstrations, and assist student teams in projects. Students working on projects which require specific technology skills will be eligible to attend vendor hands-on training sessions. Projects will generally be defined as one semester in duration but could extend over the academic year. Compensation for work on projects is $10/hour, with projects ranging from 200-400 hours, which can be spread over a semester or a year. Projects may be renewable for additional semesters.

Holly Mann is the Champion for this program and will manage all STFellows work schedules on behalf of faculty project directors. Click here to view her bio.

Fellows Application Eligibility

  • Must be a Business Major
  • Rising Junior preferred, 2nd term freshmen may apply
  • 3.2 minimum cum GPA—appeals considered for outstanding applicants below 3.2
  • superior writing and communication skills