Student Leaders

QUEST Student Organization

QUEST Student Organization

QSO is comprised of every student in the QUEST Honors Fellows program; planning and execution of events is the position of the executive board and QUEST faculty. QSO meets on Tuesday nights in Van Munching Hall and all QUEST students are invited to attend. Any comments, questions, or suggestions can be directed to or to any of the officers listed below. All QUEST students are eligible for a position on the executive board. Elections for the executive board are held every year in the Fall semester.

The academic strength of the QUEST program is undeniable, and the strength of our community is a unique differentiator amongst University programs nationwide.

QSO QUEST Press QUEST Recruiting CRC (Curriculum Review Committee)

Kenny Lopez, Cohort 20 Representative

Eric Coraggio, Cohort 20 Representative

Tony Trinh, Cohort 21 Representative

Jessie Xu, Cohort 21 Representative

Arielle Bitton, Cohort 22 Representative

Ryan Crowder, Cohort 22 Representative


Nicole Blahut, Cohort 20 Representative

Daniel-Jason Minzie, Cohort 20 Representative

Matt Henricks, Cohort 20 Representative

Hasan Masood, Cohort 20 Representative

Bobby Fitzgerald, Cohort 21 Representative

Mulindi Johnson, Cohort 21 Representative

Rachel George, Cohort 21 Representative

Evan McLaughlin, Cohort 22 Representative

Shirley Han, Cohort 19 Representative

Allison Thompson, Cohort 20 Representative

Grace Zhang, Cohort 20 Representative

Anna Lee, Cohort 21 Representative

Drew Stasak, Cohort 21 Representative

Brogan Sheehey, Cohort 22 Representative

Delante Desouza, Cohort 22 Representative


Mark Barbagallo, Cohort 19 Representative

Debi Goldschlag, Cohort 20 Representative