Undergraduate Program

Quantitative Finance Fellows

The Quantitative Finance Fellows program is for students interested in investments and in particular the software, hardware, and quantitative tools used in the financial services industry. Today, many careers in asset management (hedge funds, mutual funds, or financial advisors) require an extensive use of mathematics and statistics to analyze portfolios of stocks and bonds, beyond the traditional security analysis methods. Having such advanced statistical and modeling skills can greatly increase your marketability for high-paying jobs. 

BMGT448G will expose students to common tools used to construct large financial data sets, using a variety of sources, and to analyze the data using both the SAS statistical suite and Microsoft Excel. The course is divided in two conceptual segments: Constructing financial data sets and Analyzing financial data sets. Students will also receive training in Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Students will take BMGT442F (Advanced Portfolio Management) in the spring semester. This course will focus on quantitative methods of portfolio selection and is NOT a course on traditional security analysis. This course is very different from BMGT443 (Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management); BMGT443 is "Fundamental Analysis" (classical ratios, such as the price to earnings ratio) and BMGT442 is "Quantitative Analyis," which uses purely statistical methods (regressions, portfolio theory, etc.) rather than analyzing the accounting statements of companies. In BMGT442F, students will use advanced econometric methods to form portfolios and backtest them to attempt to build a winning strategy. 

The Faculty Champions are Chuck LaHaie and Dr. Russ Wermers.

Curriculum: one-year program

  • Prerequisite: BMGT340 (Business Finance).
  • Recommended (but not required): BMGT313 (Financial Statement Analysis) - Fall or Spring
  • BMGT343 (Investments) required if not completed in a previous semester - Fall 
  • BMGT448G (Quantitative Financial Analysis) - Fall
  • BMGT442F (Advanced Portfolio Management) - Spring 

Co-curricular activities/events

  • Finance Fellows Mentor Networking Night
  • Finance Fellows Speaker Series 
  • Bloomberg and Reuters instruction

Students are required to attend Finance Fellows Networking Night in the Fall plus two other co-curricular events as approved by the Finance Fellows team.

Fellows Application Eligibility

  • Must be a Finance Major. (You may apply if you are in the process of applying to Smith as a transfer student.)
  • Rising junior or senior.
  • Grade of B- or better in BMGT340 (may complete either in current spring semester and admission is provisional contingent upon satisfactory completion of BMGT340)


Applications for Quantitative Finance Fellows for 2016-2017 will officially open January 4 and are due February 8, 2016 at midnight. Students will be notified of admission status by February 26, 2016.

  • Online application form.
  • Cover letter – Explains why you want to be a part of this program, what you can bring to the program, and what you hope to gain from participating.
  • Resume.

Questions? Contact Emily Heavin  at edoane@rhsmith.umd.edu.