Design and Innovation in Marketing Fellows

Design literDesign & Innovation in Marketing Fellowsacy, the ability to identify and appreciate good design, is fundamental to business strategy. The connection of design to marketing is inextricably bound, with design making the difference between success and failure between one company and its competitor. The Design in Marketing Fellows Program bridges the gap between marketing research and theory and the realization of well-designed applications. The program curriculum and co-curricular activities are designed to produce business leaders who can make strategically sound and creative design decisions. Fellows program students will master the creative problem-solving and innovative-thinking skills and experiences along with marketing strategy and design techniques needed to be competitive in today’s job market (including design and brand management). This program is intentionally interdisciplinary, with mutual benefit to be gained by collaboration between marketing students and design students in developing creative business solutions.

Mary Harms is the Faculty Champion for this program.

Curriculum for 2013-2015 Cohort -- two-year program

  • BMGT458A Design and Innovation in Marketing (fall of junior year)
  • BMGT458Q Special Topics in Marketing: Computer Graphics Workshop (fall of junior year)
  • BMGT458B Design Applications in Marketing and Branding (fall of senior year)


  • BMGT350 Principles of Marketing (fall of junior year if not before)

Curriculum for 2012-2014 Cohort -- two-year program

  • BMGT458Q Special Topics in Marketing: Computer Graphics Workshop (may substitute ARTT354 for BMGT458Q; ARTT students should take ARTT354) - Spring 1
  • BMGT458A Design and Innovation in Marketing – Spring 1

  • BMGT458B Design Applications in Marketing and Branding – Fall 2


  • BMGT350 (Principles of Marketing) – fall junior year, or sophomore year
  • ARTT100 (Two dimensional Art Foundations) – fall junior year, or sophomore year

Note: Design & Innovation in Marketing is a 3 semester sequential program with a dedicated fellows section each semester. Therefore, substitutions cannot be made for dedicated fellows courses.

Co-curricular activities/events

  • D.C. Advertising Week Speaker series
  • Site visits and field trips
  • Optional practicum
  • Optional internship
  • Optional international study trip

Fellows Application Eligibility

  • Must be a marketing major or art design major. (Note: Students will be selected by faculty teams in marketing and in art. Art students will be chosen on the basis of their portfolio submissions, as part of their declaration of the art design major.)
  • Rising juniors may apply
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA

Application Process

The priority application deadline for Design Fellows was February 10. There are a few remaining spots intended for transfer students. Applications are due at 11:59pm on May 4.

Access the application here. Note: You cannot save and go back to your application, so have your essay, resume, and cover letter explaining your interest in Design Fellows ready to upload.

Design Fellows Essay: Please write on the role the design has played in your life, why you want to be in this particular Fellows program, and what you would like to do with your Design Fellows knowledge and experience after graduation. 2-3 pages, double-spaced.

Questions? Contact Emily Doane (