Business Law Fellows

The Business Law Fellows program offers small class sizes for business law and business ethics courses and, in its co-curricular activities, focuses on the value which laws can add to business operations and transactions. In addition, the program prepares students for successful law school applicationand performance while providing timely preliminary orientation to the various careers available for graduates from law schools.

The faculty champion for this program is Brian NelsonLeigh Anenson will be the instructor for BMGT380F.

Curriculum –1 year program

  • BMGT 380F (Business Law I) Fall
  • BMGT 496F (Business, Ethics and Society) Spring

NOTE:Business Law Fellows is a two-course program with dedicated Fellows sections, beginning with BMGT 380 in the fall of the Fellow’s junior year. Ideally, the two courses should be taken asa cohort, i .e.: all of the Fellows admitted in the same year will take courses together. However, in order to make it possible for Business Law Fellows to study abroad, students studying abroad in the spring of their junior year will be allowed to enroll in any section of BMGT 496 upon their return. Of course, students studying abroad will miss out on co-curricular activities during their absence.

Co-curricular Activities & Events

(students are required to attend two activities/events per semester)

  • On-campus day-long workshop on intellectual property rights.
  • On campus day-long workshop on mergers & acquisitions (or other “structured transactions” of interest to fellows, such as loan agreements or joint ventures).
  • On-campus dinners with speakers from business, law firms and state/federal/foreign governments (including topics such as recent regulatory developments).
  • Field trips to firms where legal arrangements are central to their operations (e.g., private equity firms, hedge funds, angel investors/venture capitalists, investment and commercial banks, rating agencies, government contractors, IMF, World Bank, etc.)
  • On-Campus workshop on Law School Admissions

Fellows Application Eligibility

  • Open to all BMGT majors. (You may apply if you are applying to Smith for 2014-2015).
  • Rising juniors and seniors (advanced-standing, rising sophomore with 53 credits completed by Fall 2014 will be considered).
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA preferred.

Application Process

The priority application deadline for Business Law Fellows was February 10. There are a few remaining spots intended for transfer students. Applications are due at 11:59pm on May 4.

Access the application here. Note: You cannot save and go back to your application, so have your resume and cover letter explaining your interest in Business Law Fellows ready to upload.

Questions? Contact Emily Doane (