Undergraduate Program

Smith Start


For all incoming first-year students, Fall 2014 

Smith Start

As a new member of our Smith family, you’ll be joining our dynamic Smith Start community. Through small, linked courses and co-curricular programming, Smith Start aims to prepare you for the next four years and beyond. Smith Start will challenge you to engage, explore, and experience all the Smith community has to offer you as a student and emerging business professional! 

All students admitted to the Smith School as freshmen before the Fall semester will automatically be considered members of the Smith Start Program.*

*Students participating in the College Park Scholars Business, Society and Economy program will be able to participate in Smith Start co-curricular activities and events, but will take their BMGT 110 course through the College Park Scholars program.

Dr. Hugh Turner is the faculty champion for this program, and Kristin LaRiviere is the staff assistant director. 

Completion: Students who complete BMGT 110F and 367F, together with the co-curricular activities offered each semester will receive recognition at graduation. 

REQUIRED Summer Assignment: Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment (information will be sent to you) 



Smith class of 2018 Smith Leadership Institute and Freshmen Welcome Week

 Your Smith Start adventure starts with our Smith Leadership Institute (SLI), sponsored by EY. At SLI, you’ll connect with your cohort of peers, along with Smith  upperclassmen, staff, and corporate partners. During the event, you’ll being crafting your personal brand statement.

 Other Welcome Week events include:

 Critical Thinking 101: Formatted in an interactive workshop style, top Smith School faculty, leadership and corporate partners will discuss the importance of utilizing  critical thinking in the classroom and beyond.

 Career Services Boot camp: Our Smith Office of Career Services (OCS) will assist you in setting up your HireSmith account, preparing your resume, and learning exactly  what to wear to business events.

 Beyond Majors: Learn from Smith juniors and seniors about the academic opportunities available at Smith.


Semester 1: Who Am I as a Business Professional?Freshman Networking Night

By the end of the semester, you will be able to articulate your ‘value proposition’ and express clarity in the knowledge of the different sectors of business.

Required course: BMGT110*, Introduction to the Business Value Chain

*Most students will take BMGT110 in the (F) section; credit will also be received if student is enrolled in Business, Society and Economy (S) section. Students with BMGT110 transfer credit will coordinate program participation with Kristin LaRiviere, Smith Start Assistant Director.

Co-Curricular Requirements:

  • Resume Review, sponsored by Deloitte
  • Mock Networking Night, sponsored by AT&T, KPMG



Presentation to Freshman Class 2018 Semester 2: What are the Expectations of the Business Profession?

 At the conclusion of the year, you’ll know more about your personal brand as well as expectations of you as a budding business professional. From issues of global diversity to how  to write a cover letter and resume, you’ll focus on becoming a polished professional.

 Required course: BMGT367F, Career Search Strategies in Business 

 Co-Curricular Requirements:

  •  Young Business Professionals Institute, sponsored by EY, T. Rowe Price
  •  End-of-the-Year Etiquette Dinner