Business Analytics

BA Minor

Info Session - 11/20/14

Business Analytics “is a process that refers to the use of skill-sets, technologies, applications and practices for continuous, iterative exploration and investigation of past business performances” (Jane Griffin, March 2010).

The availability of massive amounts of data has created the need for Business Analytics professionals who can analyze such data and obtain the insight needed for informed decision making. This allows an organization to gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment. The Minor integrates technology with statistical and quantitative modeling techniques to provide students with the foundation needed for data driven decision making, as well as for graduate study in the field of Business Analytics. Students with these skills are in high demand in a variety of industries and sectors including marketing, finance, information systems, operations, health care and energy.

Equipped with a solid technical foundation in data analysis and model-driven management decision making, graduates of the minor will be prepared for successful careers in this growing field.

Students who wish to add the minor should do so at least one year prior to graduation.

Course Requirements

The Business Analytics minor is a total of 15 credits including: three required courses and two approved electives. A grade of C- or better is required in all minor courses. Consult Testudo for course restrictions.

Students may use a maximum of six credits (or two courses) to satisfy the requirements of any major listed on university record with any minor. Additionally, courses completed in one minor may not be used to satisfy the requirements of another minor.

Pre-requisite courses: BMGT110, BMGT230 (or equivalent), MATH220 (or equivalent). BMGT110 is not required prior to application but must be completed in order to graduate with the minor.

Curriculum Credits
Required Courses (9 credits)  
BMGT402 Database Systems
CMSC 424 (Database Design) can be used as a substitute
BMGT430 Linear Statistical Models in Business
ECON 423 (Econometrics II) can be used as a substitute
BMGT431 Data Analytics 3
Electives (6 credits)  
Minimum 3-6 credits from this list  
BMGT404 Developing Applications for Decision Analytics 3
BMGT434 Introduction to Optimization 3
BMGT435 Business Simulation
ENCE402 (Simulation and Design of Experiments) can be used as a substitute
Maximum 3 credits from this list  
*BMGT484 Electronic Marketing 3
*BMGT448E Computational Finance 3
*CMSC422 Introduction to Machine Learning 3
*ECON424 Computer Methods in Economics 3
*STAT430 Introduction to Statistical Computing with SAS 3
*BMGT408D Google Challenge and Web Analytics
Students must apply and be selected to take this elective
Total Credits 15
*Maximum 3 credits counts toward minor  


In order to complete the minor, students must:

  • Complete Pre-requisite credits.
  • Complete all 15 required credits.
  • Achieve a minimum grade of "C-" or better in all minor courses.

No more than six credits (or two courses) for the minor may be taken at an institution other than the University of Maryland, College Park. Furthermore, at least six upper division credits applied to the minor must be taken at this university. Download the minor completion requirements checklist.

Application & Process

Application Deadline: Applications will be available online December 2014 and will be due in February 2015.