Undergraduate Program

Message from the Dean

Victor Mullins

Smith students will never experience another time during their lives when there are so many people focused on their success. At Smith, we are committed to helping our students become information seekers, problem solvers, opportunity creators and community builders. 

When recently asked to describe the traits of Smith undergraduate students, I responded:


Students exhibit respect for each other and for diverse views and backgrounds; as well as demonstrate integrity in their academic work and in intellectual honesty.


Our students become ground-breaking in their thinking and in implementing new ideas.


They embrace the discipline of critical thinking, and appreciate rigorous and evidence-based decision making.


Smith students know how to communicate their personal brand. They pair their life’s goals with their life’s actions to create a powerful package.


A broad worldview leads to a better understanding of business and how it’s conducted both abroad and domestically. Our global programs provide a solid and valuable cornerstone in a well-rounded business education.

Smith students have many opportunities to develop and demonstrate these core values. And once they do, they enjoy the benefits!


Victor Mullins Signature

Victor C. Mullins, PhD

Associate Dean