Job Market Candidates

Name Program Job Market Paper Advisor
Shweta Gaonkar Strategic Management Parent Ego or Alter? The Impact of Knowledge Distance on Spinout Alliances in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry Rajshree Agarwal
Lindsey Gallo Accounting and Information Assurance The More We Agree About Fundamentals, the Less We Agree on Price? Evidence From Earning Announcements Rebecca Hann
Brad Greenwood Information Systems Physician Heal Thyself? Competency Traps, Expertise, and Changes in Decision Making After Information Shocks Ritu Agarwal & Anand Gopal
Heather Johnson Marketing The Moderating Role of Self-Brand Connection in Brand Co-Creation and Nonconscious Priming Contexts P.K. Kannan & Amna Kirmani
Keongtae Kim Information Systems Does Crowdfunding Democratize Access to Capital: A Geographic Analysis Il-Horn Hann & Siva Viswanathan
Jeongmin Lee Finance Collateral Circulation and Repo Spreads Albert S. "Pete" Kyle & Mark Loewenstein
Hongshuang (Alice) Li Marketing Attributing Conversions in Multichannel Online Marketing Environment: An Empirical Model and a Field Experiment (with P.K. Kannan) P.K. Kannan
Wei Li Finance  High Frequency Trading with Speed Hierarchies  Albert S. "Pete" Kyle
Maryjane Rabier Accounting and Information Assurance The Impact of Acquirer Strategic Intent on the Use of Target Accounting Information for Merger Valuation Michael Kimbrough
Yuchi Zhang Marketing Modeling the Role of Message Content and Influencers in Social Media Rebroadcasting  David Godes & Wendy Moe