PhD Program at Smith

Job Market Candidates

Name Program Job Market Paper Advisor
Heidi Celebi Supply Chain Management The Impact of Substitution on the Supply Chain  Philip Evers
Isaac Elking Supply Chain Management Innovation Across the Supply Chain: Leveraging Supplier Innovations to Enchance Buyer Innovative Performance Curt Grimm
Kyungran Lee Accounting & Information Assurance Nondisclosure - A good news signal? Michael Kimbrough
Seoungwoo Lee Marketing Free, Paid, or Freemium: Dynamic Versioning Decisions for Mobile Apps Michel Wedel & Jie Zhang
Danmo Lin Finance Financial Constraints, R&D Investment and Competition Richmond Mathews & Mark Loewenstein
Jorge Mejia Information Systems More Than Just Words: Service Quality Dimensions in Online Reviews and Firm Survival Anandasivam Gopal
Daniel Olson Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship Compensation Diffusion Through Multi-location Firms Rajshree Agarwal & David Waguespack
 Michael Parke  Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management Creating Organizational Citizens: A Quasi-Experimental and Qualitative Examination of Individual Role and Team Norms Interventions  Subra Tangirala
 Elad Sherf  Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management Too busy to be fair? The effect of managers' work demands on their task and fairness performance   Vijaya Venkataramani
Wenfeng Wang Accounting and Information Assurance Industry Linkages, Audit Firms' Industry Portfolio Decisions: Evidence from Product Language Rebecca Hann
Rui Zhang Operations Management/Management Science Weighted Target Set Selection on Social Networks S. Raghu Raghavan
Weiming Zhu Operations Management/Management Science Buyer Intermediation in Supplier Finance Tunay Tunca