Curriculum Overview

The Smith School's MS in Information Systems is designed for full-time students. The 30 credit program can be completed in as little as 9 months, though most students complete the program in 15-21 months.  International students who require student (F-1) visas should plan on completing the program in no more than 16 months.

Required Coursework (18 credits)

All students in the Master of Science: Information Systems program are required to take these core courses to enhance their knowledge in information systems. 

Business Foundations (6 credits)

  • Strategic & Transformational IT (2)
  • Managing Digital Business Markets (2)
  • Project Management (2)

Technical Foundations (9 credits)

  • Business Process Analysis for IS (3)
  • Database Management (3)
  • Data Networks and Infrastructures (3)

Analytics Foundations (3 credits)

  • Data Models  & Decisions (3) 

Elective Coursework (12 credits) 

Students in the Master of Science: Information Systems program have the opportunity to select electives based on individual interest and career goals. Courses are offered to provide an opportunity to strengthen knowledge in the three core areas or build knowledge in functional domains, such as Healthcare IS, Operations Management, or Marketing.  Students must select at least 2 courses (6 credits) from set A and 1 course (3 credits) from set B. One course (3 credits) may be selected from any set. Electives are subject to change. 

Set A (Analytics Skills):

  • Data Mining  & Predictive Analytics (3)
  • Computer Simulation (3)
  • Decision Analytics (3) 

Set B (Capstone Project):

  • Google Analytics (3)
  • Big Data (3) 

Set C (courses offered vary; the following are examples):

  • Python Programming for Business Applications
  • Mobile App Development
  • Global Sourcing and Innovation Strategy
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • IS Security
  • Independent study (must be approved by the Academic Director)
  • Other courses approved by the Academic Director 

SAMPLE CURRICULUM (30 credits total are required for graduation)

Fall Semester Spring Semester
(11-14 credits) (13-16 credits)
Fall Semester
(0-6 credits)

Individuals will work with a Program Advisor to register for courses and map out their academic plan.