Core Courses

BUSI 610, Introduction to Financial Accounting

Provides an overview of financial accounting, periodic financial statements and the financial reporting process.

BUSI 640, Financial Management

Explores capital budgeting, security portfolio theory, operation and efficiency of financial markets, options pricing, financing decisions, capital structure, payout policy and international finance.

BUFN740, Capital Markets

Designed to deepen the foundations necessary to finance focused students, especially those intending to specialize in the quantitative areas of finance including investments, fixed income, and financial engineering. 

BUFN 750, Valuation in Corporate Finance

Prerequisite: BUSI 640. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: BMGT 741, BUFN 714 or BUFN 750. Formerly BUFN 714.

Examines investment decisions by corporations, using various tools such as NPV, APV, and real option valuation. Particular attention is paid to cost of capital computation, pro forma cash flow statements, and other important elements of carefully executed evaluation of capital investments.

BUFN 758F, Financial Econometrics

Prerequisites: BUSI 640.

Introduces the basic skills for analyzing financial data and testing financial models. The course includes a review of linear optimization for use in factor models, the statistical properties of asset returns, event studies, time series analysis and models of stochastic volatility. The course will include theory mixed with several applications.

BUFN 761, Derivative Securities

Prerequisite: BUSI 640. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: BMGT 744, BUFN 726 or BUFN 761. Formerly BUFN 726.

Introduces options and futures contracts, and presents an overview of why and how they are used. The course focuses on the valuation, and the measuring and management of risk exposure, of options and futures. Derivative securities on various underlying assets (equities, indices, commodities, foreign exchange, etc.) are analyzed, using different application contexts.