Tobechi Agbim, MBA 2015


Hometown: Denver, CO

Area(s) of Interest: Marketing, International Business

Undergraduate School: University of Colorado at Boulder

Employer Prior to Smith: CenturyLink Inc.

“The people here have become my favorite part—the most important part—of Smith.”

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business? 

I knew I wanted to be somewhere where people were passionate about their academics and developing their leadership potential. In addition to that, being from Colorado and looking for schools only out of state, I wanted to find a school that would create a “home away from home” environment. Smith is just that. I was surprised by how accommodating the MPO staff was, and how many sources of help are available (OCS, student organizations, second years, alumni, etc.). I was really worried that when I got here that I wouldn’t fit in or I wouldn’t like the social scene but the people here have become my favorite part—the most important part—of Smith. 

In your opinion, what makes the Smith MBA program unique? 

The culture! “Terps helping Terps” is engrained from the very beginning. Whether it’s posting the readings online or just letting us know what is happening in the Smith community or DC metro area someone is always there to help out.  I also like the fact that the MBA program is comprised of very different individuals with various backgrounds from around the world. My classmates come from teaching, accounting, military, (the list goes on) backgrounds and it definitely brings unique perspectives to the classroom as well as team meetings. Also I like how the staff always asks us ways they can improve the program to better cater to future students. It shows that student opinions are welcomed and implemented in future planning. 

What advice would you give to future Smith MBA candidates? 

I would tell future Smith MBA candidates to be committed and be ready to work hard. The MBA program is quite intense and it is very important that you manage your schedule so that you can be involved in the community as well as staying afloat of all the assignments and team meetings you will have. Also, have a good idea as to what you want to do post MBA. I found that as soon as you step on campus, internships, industry panels, CEO nights and other various events are available for you to attend or to apply for. This is great, but it does make it much easier if you have a good sense as to what you want to do post-graduation.