Jen Long, MBA 2015


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Focus Area: Marketing/Strategy

Undergraduate School: James Madison University

Employer Before Smith: Deloitte Consulting

“Smith provides a diverse and engaging environment that gives students the tools they need to transform their community.”

Why did you choose to attend the Smith School of Business? 

Initially, I was interested in Smith because I knew that the MBA program offered strong marketing and quantitative courses and these were areas I wanted to concentrate in during my time in school.  However, the people I met while attending the visitor program and various admitted student events are what ultimately confirmed my decision to attend Smith.  I wanted to be surrounded by friendly, thoughtful faculty, staff and students who assisted and encouraged each other but were also competitive in nature.  The Smith community is exactly that.  And the size of the MBA program seemed ideal because it allows me to build meaningful connections with each member of my class (as well as the classes before and after mine).  After all, we are each other’s network for opportunities in the future! 

In your opinion, what makes the Smith MBA program unique? 

Smith provides a diverse and engaging environment that gives students the tools they need to transform their community.  First, the community is small, which gives students the opportunity to truly connect with their fellow classmates and professors.  Second, the global perspective that Smith weaves throughout its curriculum, along with its diverse community and close proximity to the nation’s capital provides a natural connection between global business and public policy that will surely be utilized throughout any future business careers.  Finally, there is so much opportunity available to the students at Smith!  Whether you are interested in assisting a professor with research, joining one (or many) of the available clubs, supporting a center of excellence, or starting your own business… the opportunities are there for the taking! 

What advice would you give to future Smith MBA candidates? 

I would recommend that all incoming students try to attend and participate in as many events and activities as they can regardless of whether they are applicable to their specific interests.  Sure, an MBA program goes by in a blink, but where else will you have the chance to stretch yourself, try new things… and potentially fail…in such a safe environment?  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to develop exponentially in such a short period of time (academically, professionally and personally).