Executive Education

Program Objectives


What You Can Expect

"People think innovation is about being lucky. Innovation is a very difficult thing to manage. In fact there is a process you can apply to innovation. This series really did a great job of bringing about some of the techniques you can use in that process."

-- Greg Moores, VP of Engineering,

DEWALT Industrial Tool Co.

With the rapid pace of business today, companies need to harness creativity and innovation more than ever to be competitive and continue to grow. Effective leadership, collaboration, and accountability are critical to executing strategy and achieving sustainable results. In this program, executive teams will learn to:

  • Think creatively and strategically about opportunities for growth for the company
  • Use concepts of innovation and creativity in charting a course for the company and thinking about leadership roles
  • Cultivate a sustainable culture of creativity and innovation in the organization
  • Align the organization to deliver the desired future
  • Build coalitions and overcome obstacles in executing on successful organizational change
  • Move from strategic thinking to strategic action through a culture of full engagement and effective teamwork
  • Implement and sustain growth strategies

Leadership for Sustainable Growth is taught by world-class Robert H. Smith School of Business faculty who share their thought leadership and expertise through their teaching, consulting, and work with the Smith School Centers of Excellence including the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Leadership, Innovation & Change.

Our approach is team-based and collaborative, as our faculty and staff work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand needs and expected outcomes to deliver a program tailored to your needs. Each module in the program provides goes beyond theory to provide an interactive, customized classroom experience where the learning is applied to real-world business scenarios.