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Smith offers no open-enrollment programs. Our skill is in partnering with specific organizations to create interactive, practical learning experiences that truly meet the needs of your enterprise. Share your strategic imperatives and organizational challenges and work with us to incorporate your data, executives and values into a program that will help to propel your team members to excellent performance.

We will ask the following questions:

What problem are you trying to solve?

Perhaps you want to develop global strategic knowledge across your company or seek enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills at every level in your organization. Maybe some of your senior leaders struggle with self-regulation and other soft skills. Do you wish your high-potential managers could collaborate more effectively to seize opportunity and manage risk? Could your new supervisors benefit from a basic business management education? Whether you are contemplating a big merger or acquisition; seeking to improve your operational processes; or wish to make better use of technology, Smith can help you.

What can you share about your target learners?

We work with people at every level in organizations all over the world. Start-ups and small businesses; mid-cap companies; government agencies and large associations; and Fortune 1000 companies all boast managers and executives who have benefited from Smith executive education. We can work with you to prime your learning-agile team members for their executive education experience. Talk to us about pre- and post- tests, assessments and Action Learning Projects designed to ensure that you can see maximum return on your investment in training. Our diverse faculty enjoy working with people from a wide range of countries, cultures and educational backgrounds. We pride ourselves on designing, developing and delivering a one-off program that will make a real difference to your business.

How do your people like to learn? Our faculty and subject matter experts employ a wide range of techniques in every program. Talk to us about the right mix for you and choose from classroom, blended and distance learning options.

  • Expert-led classroom sessions
  • Thought-leadership addresses
  • Industry panels
  • Small group roundtable discussions
  • Networking dinners and knowledge exchange
  • Industry and Government site visits
  • Innovation exercises
  • Problem-solving workshops
  • Action Learning Projects
  • Coaching
  • Online videos, self-paced modules and webinar series
  • Tip Sheet Hand-outs
  • Role Play and Simulations
  • Case studies
  • Cultural experiences
  • Story-telling
  • Guided readings
  • Books
  • Articles

Our partners compliment Smith on the standard of service we provide. Check out some of their comments and contact us to create the perfect program for you.

Customer Testimonials

“Smith has been a great partner. They continually refine the program to meet our needs.”

“They did not come to us with a canned curriculum. The program was something we built together.”

“They demonstrated they were listening to what we were looking for—they customized their solution based on our needs.”

“There’s a pattern of being consistently present and keeping us up to date.”

“They have a network of people that really make a difference.”

“A university business school is where you have the masterminds—the most important factor [in training] is the quality of the teacher.”