Executive Education

Module #5

Dates: April 17-18, 2014

Coaching and Leadership Lessons from the Gettysburg Battlefield

This program day allows participants to learn the leadership and coaching lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg. Walking the battlefield with experts on the battle and on coaching, we will experience the challenges the leaders faced and consider the coaching implications. The Battle of Gettysburg offers a rich set of characters, personalities, decisions and examples of organizations that resonate today. This experience will provide the opportunity for coaches to think differently about individual and organizational challenges. Note: This program day will begin early and end late. We will walk the battlefield during the day and debrief the experience over dinner in the Gettysburg area.

  • Experience the challenges faced by historic leaders by walking in their footsteps
  • Look at these historic leaders through the coaching lens: leadership style; derailers; decision-making; biases; their stories; stages of adult development; how they led teams, etc.
  • Solidify sense of community and bonding among the coaches
  • Share new self-insights and commitments to “being” a coach

Susan Boardman
Leadership Program Manager
Gettysburg Foundation

Integration of Program Learning

On this final program day we will debrief on the lessons of Gettysburg from the previous day, then integrate the learning from all six programs in a structured, actionable format. We will solidify plans for alumni activities.

Executive Education programs are facilitated by the Robert H. Smith School of Business Foundation, Inc.