Executive Education

Module #2

Dates: Dec. 5-6, 2013

The Leader’s Odyssey: Coaching to Leaders’ Stories

Human beings do not just have experiences – they deploy a highly personal and sophisticated sense making apparatus in order to extract meaning from their experiences. The experiences that rise above threshold consciousness and make their way into memory are generally recorded as stories. In this two-day course we will work with insights from cognitive psychology and linguistics in order to explore how coaching clients organize their stories, and evolve a sense of self and the future direction of their stories. We will examine memory, imagination, the construction of narratives, and the experience of time. We will study how coaches can help clients build more empowering stories that broaden their capacity for leading.

  • Learn to recognize how clients’ make sense of experience
  • Learn how clients “live in time”
  • Explore how cognitive biases and distortions inform stories
  • Practice coaching to help clients “see” stories as stories
  • Develop tools to help clients to reframe experience, “rewrite” stories, and reclaim authorship 

Dr. Neil Stroul, PhD Psychology

Professionally, Dr. Stroul is first and foremost a leadership coach. Trained originally as a psychologist, he blends more than 25 years of experience in organizational consulting and the perspective of applied psychology to help executives build their leadership capabilities. When he is not working one-on-one with senior executives, he can be found working with senior leadership teams, helping them to work initially in a more coordinated, and ultimately collaborative, fashion.

He regularly consults with organizational clients on such topics as developing leaders, implementing new organization structures, team building, managing change and uncertainty, and approaches to career development. He has frequently been invited to speak to groups and consult with organizational leaders on the role of generational dynamics in the work place. Most recently has spoken at the Harvard Kennedy School about mentoring the next generation, as well as conducted a leadership development workshop, “Leadership, Language & Stories” at Harvard’s Ivy Summit. He has written and delivered presentations extensively on coaching and professional development, and is currently working on a book, UUN: Up Until Now, a handbook for people who aspire to reclaim power, choice and authorship.

The only professional activity that he enjoys more than coaching leaders is training professional coaches. He is a founding faculty member of Georgetown University’s Certificate in Leadership Coaching program, and has been teaching coaching to a diverse body of aspiring coaches for more than ten years. He is honored and excited to be working with the University of Maryland in launching the advanced executive coaching program.

Executive Education programs are facilitated by the Robert H. Smith School of Business Foundation, Inc.