Executive Education

Cybersecurity Technology

Course Dates: 4/27/13 - 5/14/13 [see full schedule]

Faculty: Michel Cukier

This course will discuss the main concepts of cybersecurity, demonstrating how leaders can build and guide resilience in their organizations. You will learn how to manage cybersecurity; the main security models; and how to evaluate cybersecurity. The course will also review how security is implemented in operating systems (Unix and Windows), databases, software, networks, web, and mobile devices.

Security approaches will be classified into prevention, detection and tolerance. Both the defense and the attacker perspectives will be addressed. Students will select a particular aspect of the cyber supply chain and investigate possible cybersecurity solutions. Students will present these solutions during class time and discuss them with other students. There will be a midterm and final exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the significance of cybersecurity.
  • Define approaches for securing various aspects of the cyber supply chain: the hardware, software and human level.
  • Explore a particular aspect of the cyber supply chain and discuss how to secure it.

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