SmithApps Citrix Portal


SmithApps is a Citrix XenApp tool that allows Smith students, faculty, and staff to access applications and files that are normally only available in Van Munching Hall computer labs. These applications are delivered to any computer with Internet access that has the Citrix client installed.

The goal of myApps/SmithApps is to provide the Smith community an off-campus solution to access on-campus services and applications so that the community can do their work, research, and studies anywhere that has Internet access. It also provides Mac users a way to use Windows-only applications (such as Visio or Access) on their Mac.

Behind the scenes, what happens is that using Citrix will launch your program on a server in Van Munching Hall, and put the display of the running program over the Internet to your local computer. Even though the program is running remotely, you will still be able use local disks and printers.\


Basic Smith Apps / Citrix Overview

When you connect to the web page will try to determine if you have the Citrix client software installed. If it can't detect the client software is installed it will alert you with a message.

Clicking on the message tab will show you that you can click to obtain a client.

The next click will give you the download link. Just download and install. In Internet Explorer on Windows a browser plug-in will be installed. On all other combinations you'll download a client installer.

There is nothing special about the Citrix client at this link compared to one you might have gotten from another source -- say, from your employer. You can always use whatever older client you might have installed already. If you already have a client but our site isn't detecting it for some reason, you can pick the "Already installed" link on the right side of the page and skip the download step.

Once you get connected you'll be presented with a list of programs you can run.  If you do not see any applications listed, the campus system may not have you as a BMGT student/faculty/staff.  If you are associated with the Smith School and don't see any applications, just let us know at and we'll get everything straightened out for you.


Using SmithApps

You will need to use your Directory ID to log in. Once you are logged in, you will see all the applications you will have access to. There will be a second tab called "Content" that is also available. This tab contains any downloads or external links that may be helpful to you. Just click on the application you want to use to launch it.

The first time you launch an application, it may prompt you about File Security. You would want to checkmark "Do no ask me again for this site" and click "Yes" to give the application access to read/write files onto your local computer. If you clicked "No", then you will not be able to open files from your local computer to work with nor save your work onto your local computer.

Is giving Read & Write access safe? There is some risk that a virus infected file could get written to your hard drive if you give write permission. We feel this is very unlikely, however, as we run antivirus software on the server and you are running antivirus software on your client (you are, aren't you?) so you should be protected. In many years of running this service we have gotten no reports of cross infections coming from allowing this access.

You can work with files that are located on your own computer. For example, you may want to open a Word document file. Go to File > Open and you will see a Windows file explorer window. Click on Computer on the left menu and you will see all the drives on the computer that you are using located on the bottom half of the screen and your Smith network drives on the top half of the screen. Just navigate to the location of where your file is located and click "Open."

When you want to save a file, you will do the same.


Important Warnings about using SmithApps 

Make sure you understand the following warnings. Not understanding them could cause you to lose your work!

  • Make sure you are NOT saving your files on the application server and only to your "K" drive. To ensure the application servers are safe for all users to use and don't get malware or viruses, all user-created files are purged daily and are not recoverable!
  • The Favorite and Libraries section on the left window in the image below will link to your local Documents, Music, etc. ONLY IF YOU ARE RUNNING WINDOWS. It will not redirect the folders if you are using a Mac. Be cautious if you are using the links on the side when you are saving a file. Double check to make sure that is correctly showing YOUR computer folder.