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Office of Career Services:
Administrative Suite 2520
Recruiting Suite 2570
Main phone number: 301-405-2301

Office of Career Services Team Directory

Jeffrey Kudisch, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Corporate Relations
Managing Director, Office of Career Services
Suite 2520 301-405-9540
Jennifer Kinder
Director, MBA Career Programming & Leadership Development
Suite 2520 301-405-0167
Jeanne Fineran
Assistant Director, Hospitality & Inventory Control Management
Suite 2570 301-405-8648
Sandra Staub
Technology Manager
Suite 2520 301-405-1781
Customer Account Management
Cynthia O’Brien
Associate Director, Customer Account Management
Suite 2570 301-405-9496
Carson Billingsley
Strategic Relationships and Outreach Coordinator
Suite 2530 301-405-2605
Shannon Broughton
Customer Account Coordinator
Suite 2530 301-405-8652
Lizeth Gonzalez
Customer Account Manager
Suite 2530 301-405-0444
Luke Dieguez
Customer Account Coordinator
Suite 2530 301-405-6224
Employer & Business Development
Tucker Ophof
Director, Employer & Business Development
Stephen Bennett
Assistant Director, Employer & Business Development
Suite 2570 301-405-8840
Employer Relations & Industry Advising
Dori Jamison
Director, Employer Relations, Consulting
Suite 2570 301-405-3653
Kasandra Gunter Robinson
Assoc. Director, Employer Relations, Marketing & Social Value Creation
Suite 2570 301-405-8234
Dolores Daly
Assoc. Director, Employer Relations, Finance
Suite 2570 301-405-9486
Jeff Stoltzfus
Assoc. Director, Employer Relations, Technology & Entrepreneurship
Suite 2570 301-405-7668
Undergraduate Student Programming & Talent Management
Ashlee Kerkhoff
Director, Undergraduate Career Programming
Suite 2520 301-405-9475
Courtney Bigger
Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Programming
Suite 2520 301-405-1335
Amanda Fontenot
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Programming
Suite 2520 301-405-0306
Erin Fields Saddler
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Career Curriculum
Suite 2520 301-405-8833
Career Coaches-Part-time MBA Talent Management & Career Coaching
Erika Harrigan
Assistant Director, Part-time MBA Career Consultant / Baltimore
Jeff McKinney
Assistant Director, Part-time MBA Career Consultant / DC
Julie Neill
Assistant Director, Part-time MBA Career Consultant / Shady Grove
Career Coaches-MS Talent Management & Career Coaching
Emily J. Ruggiero
Assistant Director, MS Information Systems
VMH 4360 240-495-5987
Moneca Surida-Clyburn
Assistant Director, MS Career Programs
VMH 2520 301-405-3691
Angela Vaughn
Assistant Director, MS Accounting
VMH 4333S 301-405-4812
Career Coaches-EMBA
Rachel Loock
Associate Director, EMBA Career Coaching, Programming and Outreach
Suite 2520 301-405-5399