Elijah Wee

PhD Student


Elijah Wee


Major: Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

University of Maryland, College Park
Ph.D., Strategy, Expected May 2016

National University of Singapore, Singapore, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Social Sciences (First Class Honors), 2000-2004

Research Interests:
My research examines the role of followers in the workplace, and the dynamic processes in which their behaviors influence important outcomes in organizations.

Working collaboration with Smith Faculty and students:
Currently, I am working with several faculty members, including Susan Taylor, Hui Liao, Myeong-Gu Seo, and Vijaya Venkataramani.

Working Papers and Work Under Review:
Wee. X. M. E., Taylor, M. S. (In preparation). Does change flow upwards? Translating the psychological mechanism and processes explaining why and how work unit’s routine changes lead to continuous organizational change. Writing Stage. Target: Academy of Management Review.

Wee. X. M. E., Liao, H., &, Liu, D. (In preparation). The challenges of being leader-dependent – Unraveling the art of follower’s balancing strategies in the context of abusive supervision. Data Collection. Target: Academy of Management Journal.

Wee. X. M. E., Venkataramani, V. (In preparation). The missing link? Translating employees’ creativity to implementation through supervisor’s sponsorship. Data Collection. Target: Academy of Management Journal.

Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division, “Diamond in the Rough” Award - Best Faculty Proposal with Hui Liao. Academy of Management Meeting, Boston, MA. 2012.

Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship, 2011.

Lee Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship, 2011.

Special Book Prize, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore – Best Student, 2004