Siddharth Sharma

PhD Student

Siddharth Sharma

Major: Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Minor: Economics

University of Maryland, College Park, Robert H. Smith School of Business
Doctor of Philosophy, Strategy, Expected May 2016

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, M.B.A. Program
M.B.A., 2008-2010                                                                                                                                                     Major: Finance, Minor: Strategy

I.I.I,T. Hyderabad, India, B.Tech. Program
Computer Science & Engineering, 2002-2006                                                                                                    Major: Algorithms, Minor: Cryptography

Research Interests:

Siddharth is interested in what and how firms learn while undergoing a change. Specifically, his research interests focuses upon changes and decision making in firms undergoing a change brought upon by external or internal decision making. He is also interested in how firms locate their spaces in industry events and how status and other factors affect it.

  • Organizational Learning
  • Technological Change
  • Innovation
  • Location Strategy

Working collaboration with Smith Faculty and students:
Siddharth is currently working with a number of faculty members including Christine Beckman, Bennet A. Zelner and Wilbur Chung

Current Projects:

Working with Prof. Bennet Zelner

  • Looking at the phenomenon of growth of the renewable energy Industry.
  • Studying what factors influence the order of make or buy decisions and its heterogeneity across incumbent electric utilities across United States while entering the new market of renewable energy?
  • Status: Data analysis in progress

Working with Prof. Christine Beckman

  • Examining the question whether and what Firms learn from going through Bankruptcy
  • Status: Problem Analysis & Data Collection

Working with Prof. Wilbur Chung    

  • Studying the location choices and responses of firms while setting up their booths in Trade Shows

Status: Problem Analysis & Data Collection