Heejung Byun

PhD Student

Heejung Byun


E-mail: heejung.byun@rhsmith.umd.edu

Major: Strategy & Entrepreneurship

University of Maryland, College Park
Ph.D., Strategy, Expected May 2017

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
MS in Business Administration, 2008-2010

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Bachelor of Business Administration, 2002-2008

Research Interests:
Heejung’s research interests ground on sociological approach of organization theory to study topics such as: inter-organizational networks, employee mobility, market categorization, corporate governance, and technology development.

Working collaboration with Smith Faculty and students:
Heejung is currently working with David Kirsch & Waverly Ding.

Working Papers and Work Under Review:
Byun, H. (In Preparation). Identity Claims and Diffusion of Sustainability Report: Evidence from Korean Listed Firms, 2003-2009.

Byun, H., & Kim, T.-H. (In Preparation). Principal-Principal Agency Problem And Shareholder Activism: The Rise of Minority Shareholder Movement in Korea 2001-2008.

Kim, K.-H., Kim, T.-H., Kim, T.-Y., & Byun, H. (In Preparation). Exploring the Relationship between External Hiring and Firm Finance Performance: Evidence from the Lateral Partners of Large Law Firms.