Global Study Abroad Courses

BUSI788, BUSI798 – 3 Credits


Course Description

The Office of Global Programs offers short-term study abroad courses designed to internationalize students and promote cross-cultural understanding, enabling graduates to distinguish themselves in interviews and be better prepared for the business world. By participating in a short-term program abroad, students will be exposed to business in a different political, economic, historical and cultural landscape. These courses are a great way to network with colleagues, faculty and company executives, and have proved helpful in transitioning a career.

The short-term study abroad courses cover a wide variety of destinations and topics. Our students have the freedom to choose where they want to go; they can develop their particular expertise in a region or the course theme. Some past examples include energy policy and solar and nuclear energy utilization in Germany and France, the business impact of the Olympics in Beijing, microfinance in Bolivia, or supply chain, logistics and exporting in Chile.

In order to learn about the course theme, students visit companies (two to three a day) with tours and presentations from high-level executives and time for Q& A. Students also participate in cultural activities, such as climbing the Great Wall or a cooking class in France.

The short-term study abroad courses include: 1 credit pre-work class (BUSI788x) and 2 credits abroad (BUSI798x). The 1 credit pre-work class includes readings, teamwork and presentations, and overall preparation for the 2 credit course abroad.