Designing and Implementing Digital Strategies for Businesses

BUSI 758 – 3 credits


Course Description

The Designing and Implementing Digital Strategies for Businesses course is a hands-on learning-by-doing course. As part of the Smith Experience with DIGITS, students will design, develop, and implement digital strategies for real- world clients. In this learning experience, students will work with clients on the following aspects:

1. Gain a deep understanding of the client’s business objectives and develop a digital strategy that matches the client’s objectives
2. Translate the digital strategy into a tailored social media and search campaigns 
3. Utilize social media and web analytics tools to measure, analyze, and improve the social media and search campaigns 
4. Refine the client’s social media assets and online presence to increase the campaign’s impact

This course is centered on the Google Online Challenge. Students will work in teams of five in conjunction with a client to analyze their requirements and then develop and implement appropriate online sponsored search as well as social media strategies. The big advantage of the Google Online Challenge is that it offers a budget that the team will use to invest in sponsored search. The teams will also learn to use analytical tools to analyze the performance of their social media as well as sponsored search campaigns and provide guidelines to the client for future campaigns. This “real-time, real-business, real-money” challenge provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain a first-hand experience with online advertising as well as social media, and benefit from the immediate performance feedback. At the end of this course, a student should feel comfortable developing, implementing, and executing digital strategies for firms. They should know all the key terminology and theories of the field and have a good idea of how things work below the surface.