Transformative Change


The Smith EMBA program is more than a degree program—we like to think of it as an 19-month-long executive development experience. That experience is dynamic and life-changing, opening your mind to the essence of strategy, broadening your circle of connections to include new peers and faculty, and developing your ability to lead in ways that are difficult to imagine. So to help you imagine the change that can happen for you, you’ll find throughout the site videos of faculty, students, and alumni who’ve experienced the transformation. Explore the Smith EMBA – and then join us. Meet Kim Sullivan, SMITH EMBA '10, in our newest video and find out why her experience with the Action Learning Project was both transformative and life-changing.

Financial Times Ranks Smith EMBA Program #13 in the U.S.
The Smith executive MBA program is ranked No. 13 in the United States, according to the 2012 Financial Times executive education rankings. The influential rankings place the Smith School faculty No. 6 for research, an area of strength for which the school is consistently recognized as a leader. 

Bloomberg BusinessWeek Ranks Smith EMBA Program #17 in World
The executive MBA at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business is ranked #17 in the world by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 2012. The bi-annual BusinessWeek rankings are based on surveys completed by recent alumni and EMBA program directors across the world.

Wall Street Journal Ranks Smith School Executive MBA Program Among the World’s Best
The Smith School's Executive MBA program ranks No. 22 in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal. Smith’s program ranked No. 15 for how well it imparts management skills to students and it places No. 16 by alumni score.