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Nov 01, 2012

Research by Rellie Derfler-Rozin

Managers can mitigate the effects that verbally abusive customers have on employees

Nov 01, 2012

Research by Liu Yang

Female corporate leadership can neutralize the gender wage disparity

Firms can take advantage of capable women leaders and position them to nurture a culture of gender equity and subsequent broader base of incentivized workers that feel treated fairly

Nov 01, 2012

Another Repatriation Tax Holiday?

U.S. law makers should avoid, or at least restructure, giving American firms another tax holiday in attempts to get them to reinvest their foreign earnings domestically, according to research by Mike Faulkender, associate professor of finance. His findings show the reinvestment from tax holiday created by the 2004 American Jobs Creation Act (AJCA) – which cut the tax rate from 35% to 5% -- was marginal and primarily from smaller companies. Big firms applied very little repatriated funds to new investment.

Nov 01, 2012
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Nov 01, 2012

Rellie Derfler-Rozin, assistant professor of management and organization, received her PhD in organizational behavior from London Business School. She focuses her research on how behaviors and decisions at the workplace are affected by psychological anxieties that relate to threats to fundamental needs, such as the need to maintain status in a group and the need to belong to a group.


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